This is a review of BUSUU which is the best language learning app on the planet. It is better than Duolingo and it is better than iTalki and Mondly, which I also did a review of (the review was for Mondly language learning). Most features are free, so for free Spanish learning apps it is perfect.
The Busuu easy language learning system gets you as close to full fluency as any single app can, as far as I am concerned.
People sometimes ask me about Duolingo for Spanish vs Busuu for Spanish and Duolingo vs Mondly, to which my answer is that there is not even a competition. You might as well put polyglot Luca Lampariello (who speaks 14 languages) up against my monolingual son. Busuu is among the best language learning apps if not THE best language learning app. It is also among the best free russian learning apps.
ITalki has been one of my go to language learning tools (video on iTalki language learning coming soon) but it’s much more expensive to do a large amount of iTalki than to just use Busuu (all the content can be had for FREE.) You can tell that the people who made this app have actually studied language acquisition theory; it is not a coincidence that they have all these effective language learning techniques worked into the language exercises.
However, where most learning language apps are boring if they effective, Busuu is both effective and interesting to do. Since it is free for the material, it is a sort of diy language learning and if you did the entire course, I am SURE that you could reach fluency in a language. I myself am on the way to reach fluency in French, but you could reach fluency in spanish or German plus nine more languages.
So, if it is the best language learning app you’re after, or just the apps better than Duolingo, what you want is Busuu: watch this review to find out why.
People also talk about how to get lingots on duolingo, which I find a bit strange. I have thousands of lingots on Duolingo (mostly due to my 1000 day Duolingo streak), but honestly it makes no difference to anything because this app is better. Duolingo lingots can not be used to pay for enough things.
Anyway, here is the review of the Busuu app which is an alternative to italki, and alternative to Duolingo, alternative to Mondly, alternative to Memrise. I recommend you use it.

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28 thoughts on “BETTER THAN DUOLINGO – Busuu Easy Language Learning App Review”

  • Days of French 'n' Swedish says:

    Hey guys! Sorry about the rubbish compression on this one (it'll be fixed with the next video!) – I accidentally exported a 25 minute video that just had 10 minutes of black at the end, and then I needed to quickly remove that bit, so I just used the basic program to cut that bit rather than doing another 2 hour export, but that compressed the video significantly. To be honest it's annoying me haha…
    But BUSUU doesn't annoy me. Busuu makes me happy.
    How about you?

  • Bernhard Niesner says:

    Hi, thanks so much for taking the time to review our app and I am very glad that you like it! 🙂 Thanks also for your very valid suggestions which our team is already reviewing! If you ever come to London, would love to welcome you in our offices! To the other language learners out there, thanks for giving Busuu a try and looking forward to hearing from your feedback as well! Best, Bernhard (CEO & Co-founder of Busuu)

  • I just started learning Spanish on Busuu last week and am on lesson 6 almost done. Its really well laid out and the lessons so far are pretty great good at teaching vocab and grammar with review.

  • Thank you for this in depth review! I've known about Busuu for a really long time, but I haven't ever really taken the time to try it out so I will definitely do that now. I was thinking of using it because not a lot of websites have a good Polish course, but Busuu has one so I wanted to look into it. I still like Memrise a lot because I find the vocab to be really relevant, but it's definitely not a full course. Keep up the language videos!

  • Renan de Oliveira Pereira says:

    Hey man, awesome video! I think i'll get a busuu subscription asap, and combine it with Assimil (I am on lesson 21 so far.)

    Have you ever tried Babbel and Lingvist? Really hard to pick one of those apps. So many options.

  • This review makes a lot of thoughtful points. I’ve used Busuu for Italian, French and German. There is a lot of content there but it’s uneven: sometimes it’s very strong but then other times quite weak. I think this review oversells the strengths, but it’s also quite honest about the weaknesses. I do think Busuu has a lot to offer for those who really get into it and this review he makes some good suggestions about how to do that. I found that when I took extensive notes and went over difficult things again and again, I got a lot out of it.

  • ZachariahPreston says:

    I'd like to give it a try, but Busuu doesn't offer the language I wish to learn. Any suggestions on programs for learning Scandinavian languages?

  • Hi reykjavic im sandra one of your french corrector on busuu and i agree with you .This app is not borring, its really addicting. For my part and i see in your video that its the same i often do more then the recommanded time . For me what is missing is the possibility to really discuss and make friends in the other language because it could be a better way to improve our new langage. Bon courage avec le Français😉

  • Great review👍 I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I agree that Busuu is truly the best app out there! I only wish they could add another level.

  • つまらない名前 says:

    I completely agree, I just tried it like right now, and I have to say, I haven't seen something like this. For example, in the Japanese course, they actually include small but important facts in-between learning the basic Hello and Nice to meet you. Like bowing, which is crucial in Japan. As someone who is beyond that beginner stage, I would've loved to know this when I first began. It makes it seem less cluttered, and I like how it has those made-up conversations, that you most likely would have in real life.I would've felt like it was simple, and that I could go on further. I also agree that native speakers correcting you is very very important as well. I guess I'll have to keep using it.

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