✅1. NETGEAR AC1000 :
✅2. ASUS Dual-Band AC1300 :
✅3. Linksys Max-Stream AC1900 :
✅4. Motorola MG7550 :
✅5. ARRIS Surfboard AC1600 :
✅For More Read :
✅For Router and Modem Combo :
Tired Of Searching Router For Spectrum?
Are You also In search of the best router for charter spectrum? I was too a few months back. Read many reviews online, None of them worked for me; that’s why I made my List.
When I first Bought Spectrum Internet, they were the Constantly Forcing me to buy their Modem , Which they Said and I quote, “It’s Completely Free with the Internet.”
Spectrum Router
Charter Spectrum Router
best router for spectrum
best wireless router for charter spectrum
spectrum compatible routers
best router for spectrum internet

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10 thoughts on “Best Router For Spectrum Available In 2019 | Spectrum Router”

  • Your Auto Advocate says:

    I hope you read this! First I want to say great video concise and to the point really appreciate it. I too have shity Spectrum. Ethernet coming into my computer is great with no issues at all I'm achieving 450 megabits per second. But the Wi-Fi modem and router suck 🤮. While standing next to the router My 2.4 is getting 60 megabits per second and my 5G is achieving 180 on the average. When when I move 20 feet away with a clear visual of the router I yet 15 megabits a second for 2.4 and 70 megabits per second for 5G. Can't watch Netflix can't watch YouTube on the TV son can't play Xbox I need some help please. The router is only as good as the modem so I need a router and a modem please point me in the right direction! I pay for 400mbps and never got anywhere near that on wifi. I don't expect that on Wi-Fi either but I should be getting 200 or 300 megabytes of second on 5G and 50 to 100 megabits per second on 2.4 right? Would like to spend no more than 300 max for both router and modem.
    Thanks again!

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