Andy is back with another mouse review, this time it is the ASUS ROG Strix Carry. It’s designed to be used on the go, it’s very small and portable and you can use either the 2.4GHz or Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connections. It’s safe to say Andy is impressed with this one!
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8 thoughts on “ASUS ROG Strix Carry Mouse Review – Game on the Go!”

  • Currently using the Razer Atheris, pretty much the only small size wireless mouse I have found on the planet, any other "Budget wireless small gaming mouse" all have garbage sensor and can't detect fast movement flick input and screen spin out in competitive FPS games such as CS:GO. Really interested in seeing a comparison between ASUS ROG Strix Carry vs. Razer Atheris. The issue I have with the Atheris is its bluetooth randomly toggles on and is trying to search for bluetooth spot for no reason hence wasting battery, it is rated at 350 Hours battery life, yet it runs out of battery really fast compare to the other garbage wireless mouse I have in the past, so I have to have a new habit of turning the mouse off every day I go to sleep along with my monitor. So far, every set of 2x AA battery last about 1 month. These kind of mouse suits me the most because I don't want these companies to put in random RGB feature that I don't even need and charge me for extra bucks, though this ROG Strix Carry I believe is $75 whereas the Atheris is below $50 only.

  • accelation is not about mouse accelation, the software function that best work with trackpad. no its about how much accelation the physics term , that the sensor can endure without lose track the surface

  • The weight contribution of batteries is too high! Two AA batteries (alkaline) are 50g together. NiMH batteries would be 60g, making them not an option. Eneloop Lite AA used to be a thing, but are no longer available, they were like 40g for a pair? Very low capacity, but FINE for a mouse this electrically efficient. The only way to make this mouse tolerable is with Primary Lithium batteries, which weigh 30g for a couple. It is a bit wasteful though.

    It should have either run on a single AA, or on two AAAs to cut the weight of batteries in half. And then simply add a battery compartment into a pouch, so people can have extra batteries on them.

    Frequency-hopping (spread spectrum) RF is actually standard for low-bandwidth transmission, that's what the 14 year old nRF chipsets do in just about all 2.4 GHz wireless products and Bluetooth does too, if the signal strength is good enough, it actually cuts through noise so well that it's capable of knocking out WiFi. Making it into a marketing bullet point is kinda silly. Actually i bet it's the nRF processor in the thing.

    10:35 "not a big fan of acceleration myself" – do you know what you're talking about even? You mean you don't like moving your hand and want the mouse tracking to give up because you're accelerating it too quickly? The higher the sensor's max acceleration value (usually expressed as a factor of g, where g=9.8m/s²), the quicker you can dash it without it mistracking. Which BTW, this is actually why you find steel weights in older/cheaper gaming mice, because they are trying to limit you from applying high enough acceleration that it would lose tracking by increasing weight, regardless of what the marketing says or tries to make you feel on the subject. Insufficient acceleration tracking is a major contributor to spinout. This is distinct from acceleration as in pointer ballistics, which you're quite right not to be a fan of.

  • Overclock Brazil says:

    Please, stop the ad showing in between the video…really annoying. Ad on star, ad on end, thats fine. None the less, overpriced mouse for what it is. Maybe 49 usd would be more suitable.

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