This week is going to be fun! It is all new skincare and makeup all week, yay!! Today I am reviewing and showing you a quick AM routine with the NEW Algenist AA Barrier Serum.

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Products Mentioned:
+ Algenist AA Barrier Serum:
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+ COSRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence
+ Le Mieux TGF-β BOOSTER
+ Gerlinde Naturals DAY MOISTURIZER

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45 thoughts on “ALTERNATIVE TO VITAMIN C & HA? || NEW Algenist AA Barrier Serum”

  • Elle you said you are cutting down on your regime. Are you not using all those serums anymore? Why are you cutting down, have you had a reaction? The reason I ask is, I also feel it is a bit much, however, the skin is nicely hydrated, that's why I don't really dare to stop.

  • Yajaira Dominguez says:

    As someone who struggles with maintaining a skin care routine and following many steps, I would love to try this! Thx for the review!

  • Elle, I am a little behind but I am loving the newness. I am so excited about this serum. I purchased it. Algenist's website is also offering a payment plan by afterpay so you can pay in 4 payments. Yay, now almost anyone can afford it. Thank you so much for the newness info!❤❤

  • Anna Ibbotson says:

    Great video Elle this serum sounds amazing with wonderful ingredients will have to save my pennies xxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Suzanne Sanderson says:

    Just found you online and interested to try this product as I just found out that Vit C oil does not get into your skin on the face. Disappointing as I just spent 165.00 on a Vit C serum in the form of an oil. Thanks for sharing.

  • What is your eye cream? Am? And pm? I need the extra moisture. I did not see it listed. I just finished Biopelle Tensage- was not impressed – tried 3 months. They all seem to have retinol. I use Retin A .025 so I do not need any retinol — tried C-firma .. nope 👎🏻 tried ZoSkin ( I use 4 of his products religiously) not for me-either Eye Cream. The BioScience? Squalene peptide .. ok .. not really creamy. Idk Kiehls – PTR ( b4 I knew how much fragrance was in his stuff) 🆘🆘🆘 a fragrance free peri-orbital Eye Cream pls ..!? Do you think Allgenist too maybe? I cannot take it. Tonight I used Biopelle-w a “shot” of B-firms lol and a dab of 🐘 Marula idk. Lol🤫

  • Awesome. Thank you!! I was asking around .. literally a couple hours ago if anyone knew of a hydrating Eye Cream. Fragrance free- and I’ve tried ALL – and Allgenist was the winner!! I think it looks awesome. You introducing this!! I’ll take as my sign to the company. I need hydration. Also to stop always buying too much. This product looks amazing as well 😘

  • Lynette Mitchell says:

    I'm looking forward to trying this one out too as I use HA and Vit C almost every day. Always nice to try to simplify my routine. Thanks for sharing!! <3

  • Michelle Burnstein says:

    Love that this is a good alternative and replacement product for many steps. I am also scaling back on the number of products and steps. Thanks, Elle!

  • I was really excited to hear about this serum! But, I'm really glad you took your time to elaborate on the different ingredients in this. You mentioned mushroom & (yep, you got it), I'm allergic to all mushrooms (topical & ingested). I know there must be more people like me that are so thankful to you for being so thorough about ingredients. I look forward to hearing how this serum helps you going forward. Thanks for all you do for us!!😍😘💋💋😁

  • Lesley Goldberg says:

    Do you know if Algenist sells on the ground in China? Although they don’t test on animals themselves, they state that their products are tested on animals where required by law, i.e. China. There are differing views on this but in my opinion, a company that sells in mainland China enabled animal testing and I personally don’t consider it to be cruelty free.

  • Lorraine McKenna-Lelko says:

    Just love watching and learning from your videos! New to skincare at 63 years old, but hey, decided 2019 is the year of me – So taking your advice and getting my skin in the best shape I can. Never too old to learn and you are so fun to watch and make me want to look my best. Thanks for your tips and fingers crossed on your give away! Love Algenist and you!

  • Thanks so much for bringing a new product that really sounds wonderful…I know that algenist makes great products…and I would love to try this new serum….much love….xoxo

  • Been changing up my skin routine lately. Loving my Tatcha small versions and definitely am going to invest in the full sizes. The Ordinary is working really well for me so I added in a couple of newer serums to try and started one or two last night. I’m testing to see how they work out. I’ve been loving my Alba Hawaiian cleanser for my 2nd cleanse in the shower. It’s so creamy and smells great and works wonderfully well for me so far. I’m stuck on the Clinique Take the Day Off for makeup removing as I was using pure coconut oil but like the Clinique much better. Thanks for the Algenist info. Vitamin C and I don’t agree so I’ll have to look into getting a sample to try it out. ❤️❤️Love your videos Elle! 💕

  • Since I've learned from you that you should not use hyaluronic acid in dry climates ( high altitude in Wyoming) I've been trying to figure out what to use. This sounds like the ticket.

  • Thanks Elle! This Serum sounds amazing. I have very sensitive skin and I’m very glad it’s diverse. I can’t wait to try this product! I’m hanging in all week!

  • Michelle Courville says:

    Wow, great video. I have been following you for the past couple of months and I love all your tips on skincare. I’m middle-aged and have normal to dry skin but I find over the years, the sun has done quite some damage and now I have a lot of discolouration and sun spots. I could use this new product! .Thanks for sharing your routine as well! Love it!

  • Kimberly Dunn says:

    Good Morning Beautiful ☕️💋 Wow! An answer to my question!!! I will have to get a sample next time I am near a Sephora! Your skin is so Glowey! You’re Rocking It, Girl! Love ❤️ to You! Xoxo 😘 Kimmy from Pure Michigan 💚

  • Angelica Williams says:

    I’ve stuck it out with you to the end. I would love to try this lovely serum from the brand. I’m a poor college student that would like to try this .

  • Maria Villegas says:

    Always have pumped up to try new things. Will read more into this before considering purchasing. Or hopefully I win the giveaway. Lol

  • Yaerim Mendez says:

    Hi Elle, I have never tried anything of this brand but I would love to try this product. Thank you so much for always sharing your amazing knowledge ❤️

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