20 thoughts on “[4K] My Samsung Q90R QLED TV Review (finally)”

  • Why did you buy QLED man? Why did you do this. Even you know that OLED is way better and you still bought this Lcd led backlit tv!! Enjoy your new tv but i wouldn't change an OLED for LCD!!

  • BeardlessKoala says:

    The brightness and black levels make this an attractive TV to buy. Could you show some film content? Especially stuff with black bars? 🙂

  • Great review, I've been vacillating between the C9 OLED and the Q90R and I found your critique of both TV's to be spot on. I'm a PC gamer so game playing is not an issue. I love OLEDS but I use subtitles a lot and fear burn in. I'm also afraid of the motion problems with the Samsung and don't like SOE. Instead of choosing a TV I decided to wait and see what the MINI-LED looks like as well as what 2020 has to offer. Too bad one TV doesn't do it all.

  • If you have not tried it yet, press and hold the volume button for a couple of seconds, a menu will appear, select high contrast, the menus will be black and dark gray, much nicer and better for the view

  • I literally am going to pull some of the last 200 hairs I left of my head out. I am between the Seanine and actually the Q8. Only because my room won’t support of 65 inch TV. It’s too big. I think I have to go to 55. But I just can’t make up my mind if I want to make that leap the overhead. I’m leaning towards the overhead, because I want those deep dark beautiful blacks, in my room isn’t necessarily that great. I can be at times, and most of the times I would probably be gaming will be at night. And I’m also going to run it at 1440 P at 120 Hz. I just can’t make up my mind of what’s best. Ugh!!!!

  • Sag mal hast du bei komplett weißen Flächen auch so ganz schwache schwarze Schatten. z.B. bei google. man merkt es auch nur wenn die Kamera sich bewegt und man darauf achtet. Ich komm auch von Oled und weiß nicht ob das normal ist.

  • I find Samsung Q90R QLED too bright ,good for gamers and verry bright rooms ,but for general use oled c9 is better ,not to mention future proof , and cost per year watching .

  • kill-_xl - Opa_Hendrik GTA 5 Player says:

    hi:) I Russian therefore not really understood what you told in video, tell what TV on yours is suitable for games better? LG OLED C9 or Samsung Q90R?

  • I’d have bought this if not for the overly bright eotf curve and the fact that this model is only availble in 65” in my country. 55” is the max size I can go for since I sit close to the tv to use it as monitor.

  • Hello. I was watching your comparison from April 2019 and you said that you've returned the QLED and kept your OLED. Now I see that you have a QLED. So what happened? Did the OLED break or you kept both. thx.

  • Wirklich ein sehr toller Fernseher, mit dem HDR Filme & Games so richtig Spaß machen. 👌 Damit kann man ganz beruhigt abwarten, was die Zukunft so in Sachen QD-OLED’s bzw. MicroLED mit sich bringt.

    Ich finde es auch Schade, dass sich alle anderen namhaften Hersteller, im Grunde nur auf OLED verlassen und LED maximal stiefmütterlich behandeln. Obwohl man ja anhand des Q90R sieht, was man aus dieser Technik noch rausholen kann.

    z.B. Wäre ein wirklicher Nachfolger des Sony ZD9, ein Fernseher, der bei sofort auf der Wunschliste landen würde.

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